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Shape/ Design Guide

Straight Line
One linear outdoor kitchen setup. This design provides the most countertop space.

This shape is a right angel design for your outdoor grill setup; it connects two straight islands with a cover piece. This layout is comfortable as it brings everything in closer and gives the feel of an actual indoor kitchen.

This outdoor kitchen design will be very spacious. One benefit is being able to have isolated counter space and you can divide your hot and cold sections. This outdoor kitchen will give you the feel of an actual indoor kitchen.

This outdoor kitchen design is similar to the U-Shape except that one side is shorter than the other. This is meant to accommodate less pieces but still provide the feel of an actual indoor kitchen.

Based in South Florida, customers are welcome to visit our showroom and receive a personal consultation regarding their outdoor kitchen needs. You may also send us your specs by email and we would be happy to review them with you over the phone or through zoom.